Best Home Security Measures for 2016

Smart cameras are becoming cheaper and easier to use for securing your home against thieves. But don’t neglect the tried and tested methods. Even in 2016 it’s the simple things that will keep your home safe against intruders.

Burglary is an opportunistic crime. That means the thieves don’t plan in detail where they’ll hit but look for any home that has little obvious security. Unobserved access due to high hedges or front walls, no alarm system, valuables left on display, and doors and windows left unsecured are what draw thieves to a house.

So what can you do to protect yourself? 2016 has seen plenty of new intelligent camera systems put on the market. They’re easy to set up to cover vulnerable points like front and back doors. And they can be bought from the likes of PC World or Amazon for less than £200.

These smart cameras have advanced features like night vision, high resolution 1080p imaging, digital zoom and wide-angle lenses. And the footage is saved onto the Cloud. You can even log onto the camera using an app on your phone to check on things and receive alarm notifications.

They’re among the most advanced methods of securing your home – and they’ll bring down your home insurance premium too. You can even get security lights that have cameras built into them.

But for all that modern tech it’s common sense methods that remain vital to staying safe against break-ins. Most burglaries result from homeowners absent-mindedly leaving a door or window unlocked. Checking front and back doors are always secured before you leave home is the most basic security measure you can take. And it’s the most effective.

There are British Standards guidelines on the best locks to use on your front and back door. A mortice and deadlocking rim lock on your front door will keep you safe. And on the back a mortice sash lock and a series of bolts across halts any determined intruder.

As will an alarm system clearly visible on your home. Seeing an alarm box on the side of your home is normally enough to make thieves pass on by. If you are looking to have a home alarm fitted, call us today on 0121 369 9878.

And don’t neglect simple things that go a long way towards putting off thieves from attempting to enter your home. They love access points that can’t be seen from the road, so don’t have a huge hedge or wall in front of your home. And don’t leave your bins next to your gate if you keep it shut so that thieves can easily clamber over it.

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