Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordersley

The most interesting Museum in Redditch is located in Needle Mill Lane, Redditch B98 8HY, United Kingdom. It is a fascinating way to know the rich history and industrial age of Redditch. Once you enter the museum, it will take you back in time.

The place is well preserved depicting the early life in Redditch. You will see how appalling conditions employees were subjected to that time. A needle may be a small thing for you but making it way back was very scrupulous and hard.The Forge Mill Needle Museum opened in Victorian Times on 1983 by Queen Elizabeth II. Redditch became the international centre of needle and fishing tackle that time.

The museum is open to visitors most days of the year. You have to pay the entrance fee which costs reasonable enough because you will learn a lot about the industrial heritage of Redditch.

The Bordesley Abbey ruins is a place where you can walk and reflect. There are nearby fields you can take a jog or walk your dog.

Generally, this place is a local historical attraction that will keep you invested with so much information that you would not notice the time. If you feel a bit hungry too, they have a cafe that you can take a rest and eat light as well as a small play area for your kids while you rest.

Visit this museum and learn how rich the history of Redditch is!