Home Security

Securing your home in the 21st century has become a little easier. Technology has meant that you no longer have to only rely on a big fence, an equally big dog, and a cricket bat to protect your house.

We at Doctor Locks can provide you with the peace of mind a CCTV system, alarm or security door can give.

  • Alarms
  • Our advanced alarm systems provide total, complete security for your entire home, that can be activated remotely.

  • CCTV
  • We also offer CCTV systems, that can also be viewed remotely from a smartphone.

  • Composite Doors
  • Our range of doors are not only stylish, but also come with top of the line lock technology.

  • Expanding Security Grilles
  • Provide your home or office with added protection with our custom built expanding grilles.

  • High Performance Security Doors
  • Doctor Locks doesn’t just deal with locks – you can now buy the latest security doors direct from us.