Doctor Locks View Cam Wireless Home Security Camera is connected to the internet so you
can watch over your home while you’re away, securely and easily from your iPhone or
iPad. They’ll even alert your iPhone if motion or noise is detected, and our system can work
with up to 16 monitors.

Benefits of the Wireless CCTV System:

  • Monitor your home from your iPhone or iPad
  • Use apps or a browser such as Safari to check on your home
  • One wall-mountable wireless camera with adjustable viewing angles and zoom
  • Noise and motion detection pushes alerts to your iPhone
  • Watch up to 16 Doctor Locks View cams in a single app
  • Pair your iPhone up with Doctor Locks view cam quickly and easily using a QR code

Doctor Locks View Cam Recommends for wirelessly and securely monitoring your home while you’re away.

Doctor Locks View range of Network Video Recorders combined with our full range of high definition CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your CCTV system allowing you to watch over your home while you’re away, securely and easily from your iPhone, iPad or Android device using a free application or using PC based free issue software.

Our systems start from a single camera installation up to 32 camera multi site installations.

We have a full range of cameras starting from fixed lens 1.3mp mini domes up to 5mp autofocus cameras and we also supply and install pan tilt and zoom cameras.

Most of our cameras also include integrated infra red LED arrays to allow you to view and record high quality images in zero light conditions.