How to Know if You Need To Have Your Halesowen Locks Replaced?

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, home security and maintenance are the essential parts of the residence. A regular maintenance and security check not only keep you and your loved ones safe but it also plays an integral role in lowering your home insurance premiums.

Locks are the essential elements of home security. Regardless of their importance, most home-owners change their locks only when they become too damaged and could no longer function. However, it is crucial to change your locks if any of the following situations arise:

Your house was recently broken into

If there has been a recent break-in incident at your home or if you notice that your locks have been tampered with, it is highly advisable to change your locks immediately for two reasons:

  1. If the lock remains unharmed and there is no visible damage, the burglars might have a copy of your keys and they might re-attempt to break into your home.
  2. If the locks had been damaged during the break-in, they weren’t good enough to keep you and your loved ones safe. Therefore, you need to put more sophisticated locks to ensure maximum protection.

The keys went missing

Losing your keys can be extremely frustrating but this frustration cannot be bigger than the security risks a missing key could pose. If you have lost your key or suspect that it has been stolen, consider changing your locks immediately to prevent any home invasion. Even if you find the missing key afterwards, change the locks or at least re-key them because there is no guarantee that copies of your keys weren’t made. By changing your locks, you could have peace of mind that the missing keys or its copies won’t be used to invade your home or harm your loved ones.

The locks are old, rusty, or damage

The most obvious sign that your locks need replacement is when they grow too old to function or are visibly damaged. This could happen due to a number of reasons from natural elements to careless handling. If you experience difficulty in opening the locks, you should opt for changing or replacing them. Also, it is advisable to be proactive in changing the locks as soon as you detect rusting or any visible wear and tear to avoid unpleasant situations like a complete worn down or a lock-out.

Choosing a qualified and durable locksmith in Halesowen with a rust-proof finish or coating will give your locks protection against early damage. If you need to replace your locks and want to invest in the best home security solutions, contact Halesowen Locksmiths Doctor Locks today!

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