How To Secure Your Droitwich Patio Doors & Windows

Indoor and outdoor patio doors and windows provide an almost seamless visual connection, allow natural light to flow into the room, and make a small space appear larger. But they’re just not as safe as conventional doors and windows made of wood, metal, or fibreglass. Glass can be easily smashed, and an intruder who is determined to enter a home will likely see it as the easiest point of entry. That’s why for homeowners, protecting patio doors and windows are highly important. Here is how you can keep your patio doors and windows safe and secure:

Adding Alarm Sensors

A simple way to secure your sliding door is to use alarm sensors that are tied to your home security system. Most alarm systems come with door and/or window sensors. These sensors track movements while they are mounted to a door frame. The alarm warns the homeowner and calls for assistance if anyone forces the door. Some alarm systems issue alerts for glass breaks. They function by detecting the sound of breaking glass.

When the system senses breaking glass, it issues an alert to either the homeowner or the nearest monitoring centre, depending on its settings.

 Adding Security Films

Sliding glass doors and windows can be easily smashed. Moreover, a potential burglar can take a good look inside to see what and who is inside. It is highly recommended to add a window film for discouraging intruders. The layer of polyethylene prevents a broken sliding glass door from falling apart entirely, making it more difficult for a burglar to enter.

Although 90% of thieves and burglars try to enter a house using the least obtrusive way possible, keeping your patio doors and windows is still important to deter any vandals or other types of intruders.

Blocking The Sliding Track With Rod

By installing a bar or a rod, you can reinforce the security of your sliding patio door or window. Many sliding doors come with a metal rod to strengthen the door against undesired entry and deter potential intruders.

Installing a Security Camera

A surveillance camera is an ideal solution to reinforce the security of a weak location, like a sliding glass door or window. Burglars and other intruders are less likely to mess with a patio door or window when they spot an obvious camera trained on their favourite entry point, as they don’t want to be caught on video with their mischief.

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