Key stuck in the lock? Call the Bromsgrove Locksmiths!

Got your key stuck in the lock? Call Bromsgrove Locksmiths!

Did you get your key stuck in one of your door locks? You tried to twist it and instead of unlocking the door, it snapped in half?

In such a situation, many people opt to perform a DIY job by attempting to remove the broken key by tapping, applying force or using tools like bobby pins or tweezers. Some people even try to use the remaining part of the key to unlock the door. Truth is, attempting to remove a broken key might cause additional trouble. The further the broken piece is pushed into the lock, the harder it will be to remove it. If the broken key would be stuck deeply, some removing methods won’t work and replacing the lock will become necessary.

So what to do?

Although getting locked out could be very frustrating especially when the weather is not good to be outside or when you need to access your home or business quickly. But as soon as there is Bromsgrove Locksmith to help you in emergencies and can be with you at short notice, there is no need to panic or worry. We will get you out of this situation in just a few minutes and you will be able to resume the tasks at hand. If required, we will replace your lock with a new one and things will be back to normal.

Doctor Locks – Professional & Trusted Locksmith Bromsgrove

Doctor Locks is a highly recommended locksmith that has an established reputation because of prompt response, reliable team, and professional services. We are the top-rated provider of locksmith related products and services for the last 20 years in Bromsgrove.

If you get your key stuck in the lock, call our 24-hour call-out service, and speak to one of our friendly operators, who will arrange our mobile locksmith team for you. Whether your keys are misplaced, lost, broken or stuck inside the lock, Doctor Locks ‘highly trained locksmiths will reach you in just a few minutes and sort out your lock. Our teams specialize in non-destructive forms of entry, and if breaking the lock and other hardware is necessary, we offer equivalent replacement parts at affordable prices. We also have our own patented range of locking systems, which are ideal for both domestic and commercial uses. We manufacture keys that are harder to replicate and are resistant to wear, tear, or snaps.

Get in touch with us today

Doctor Locks is specialized in locks replacement, rekeying, and non-destructive door entries. We also offer a comprehensive range of high-quality locks, handles, monitoring systems and other hardware in a variety of styles. Our mobile team of locksmith is available round the clock, 365 days a year in Bromsgrove. We take pride in our guaranteed work with all locks and security systems being fixed and maintained as per the current British Standards and working to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) policy. Call us at 0800 611 8886 to speak to one of our engineers or reach us over email at and one of our advisors will be in touch with you soon.