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Although a report has revealed a clear trend of declining burglary offences from the year 2002 to 2020, burglary is still one of the most common crimes committed in the UK and Droitwich. It is estimated that 34 burglaries are committed every hour with one happening every 108 seconds, which means that on average, 816 burglaries are committed in a day! The stunning fact is that while a lot of burglaries do happen during the night, most happen in broad daylight, mostly in the afternoon. The main reason is that most people are either on their jobs or running their errands during this time of the day, and their Droitwich homes are practically empty. Most burglars research well before attempting to break-in a house to determine the most suitable hours for home invasion – when no one’s home.

How I can secure my house from intruders in Droitwich?

Doctor Locks has been providing professional and unbeatable locksmith and security services to a wide range of clients, including homeowners as well as large corporate organizations and public services for the past 20 years in Droitwich and surrounding areas. Whether you have been locked out of your residence or office, need to change or repair door locks windows locks or looking for trustworthy professionals to provide alarm and security services for your home, Doctor Locks’ mobile Locksmith Droitwich services are available round the clock to respond you quickly and provide fully-insured, high-quality locksmith products and services including key cutting, locks/ cylinder/handle/knob replacement, safes, post box locks, CCTV surveillance, and home alarm systems. We also offer emergency glazing and boarding up services.

Unbeatable home security with reliable Droitwich Locksmiths

At Doctor Locks, we make sure that your home remains safe for you and your loved ones. With our unbeatable, high-end locksmith products and services, you can strengthen your home security and deter potential intruders and burglars.

Emergency Locks, Hardware, Window and Door Repairs

Doctor Locks, Locksmiths Droitwich, offer a comprehensive range of locks, hardware, and accessories including door locks, window locks, patio locks, double glazing locks, uPVC locks, code & digi locks, doorknobs/ door handles, padlocks, night latches, cylinders, and a whole host of other safety products in a variety of styles and colours. Whether you are looking to upgrade your lock to a more sophisticated one or want a repair service, rest assured your replacement lock will conform to all relevant insurance standards. Doctor Locks gives you peace of mind that not only your loved ones are protected but your locks are also fully compliant with all your insurance requirements.

Key Systems

We also have our own unique patented locking systems that can be selected as per your specific home security requirements. Our key systems are reliable, harder to replicate, and highly resistant to wear and tear. Most importantly, our keys possess technical features that are a combination of special machines and a high degree of technical expertise. Their replication is only possible with a great deal of investment and is therefore not economically viable for thieves and burglars.

CCTV Surveillance & Alarm Systems

Doctor Locks’  Droitwich Locksmith CCTV surveillance and home alarm systems let you have control of your home security and ensure the protection of your loved ones, even when you are away. Doctor Locks View Cam Wireless Home Security Camera and Network Video Recorders combined with our full range of high definition CCTV allows you to remotely watch over your loved ones, securely and easily from your iPhone, iPad, Android device or PC. They’ll even alert you if any unusual movement or noise is detected, and our system can work with up to 16 monitors. You can even “listen in” to your home and “speak” to anyone inside via system microphone and speakers. Whether it’s an intruder, flood, house fire, gas leak, carbon monoxide leak, or personal emergency, Doctor Locks’ home security alarm system keeps you informed of any problems relating to your home or anyone inside your home, allowing you to get the right help promptly.

Secure house, secure family!

You no longer need to keep a cricket bat or a canine to protect your house! Secure your home and your loved ones with the smart security solutions from Doctor Locks. Presenting a burglar with the latest technology-based security solutions along with the unfavorable conditions to break into your home will deter most of the burglars and keep your home safe. Here are some basic tips to multiply your home security measures against potential intruders:

  • Replace the locks immediately if the keys get lost or stolen, or you have recently replaced your domestic staff or have moved into a new house. If replacing the entire lock is not possible, then go for rekeying.
  • Never leave your keys lying around.
  • Pay equal attention to the security of the secondary doors and rear windows of your house.
  • Remember to secure the locks of all the doors including garage door, tool shed door, basement door, and storage room doors.

Get Droitwich locksmiths’ free home survey locksmith services

If you believe that the security measures in your home are not sufficient or if you are looking for expert advice about improving your home security against potential intruders, make the most of Doctor Lock’s free home survey! Our mobile teams of locksmith Droitwich are available round the clock, 356 days a year with prompt response, high-quality services, and fixed price costs. All of our services are fully insured and carried out by the ACPO policies and guidelines. Our highly experienced security expert and will let you know how you can benefit from improved security systems or new locks in your home. We will only give you a completely honest report on the current state of your home security and will leave you a quote for the cost of any improvements or changes you may require. We welcome you to contact us at 0800 611 8886 today to book your free home survey or reach us over email at info@doctorlocks.co.uk and one of our team of advisors will be in touch to make an appointment.


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