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Why choose our locksmith in Halesowen

If you are facing locksmith issue and you are looking for some quality and experienced locksmith service provider then you must have to contact locksmith Halesowen. They are one of the most reliable services providers that you can find in Halesowen. There are a number of reason for which you have to contact a locksmith for getting the services. The biggest of all is that they are having the experienced and qualified team of professionals who can solve any kind of locksmith issue without any trouble here in Halesowen. They have a vast experience in this field so when you have called them for help then do not worry Doctor Locks will serve you the best.

The second big advantage that you can get by calling locksmith is that they will provide you with fast and friendly locksmith services. Their staff is specially trained for this and they know how to please the customer with the quality and speed of their work. So they will always on time and work in a friendly environment and listen to you first about what to do and how you want to be done. The response time that they will provide you in Halesowen for reaching you is 30 minutes and they will be there at this time. so you don’t have to wait for too long for our locksmith service provider to arrive.

Another thing that may fascinate you is that there will be no call out charges as well as there are no hidden locksmith charges attached to the job. So you can call them to get the rates for your work free of charge and then when they quote any price for the work then you just have to pay that without any extra charges that many other companies will get from you in shape of hidden charges. Doctor Locks does not have any such charges.

One last thing that you must have to know is that the prices you locksmith in Halesowen charge you will be the lowest in the whole industry. You can compare that online with other companies too and you will get to know about the prices that other charges for the same work and what you are paying to locksmith Halesowen.

Services offered by our locksmith in Halesowen

You can get a variety of services for both your commercial and domestic purposes here in Halesowen. They have a complete list of services available online that they offer to their valued clients. So when you are looking for locksmith Halesowen related services then you can visit their website and check what they are offering. Some of the main services that they are offering in Halesowen are as follows:

  • Domestic lock repair
  • New lock installation
  • Handle and door hardware
  • Security bolt fitted
  • Insurance requirement locks
  • Window locks
  • UPVC door locks
  • New locks supplied
  • Car lockouts
  • Security advice
  • Burglary repairs

There are many others too, so you just have to contact a Halesowen Locksmith in case of any kind of lock repair or a new installation in Halesowen.

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How can we help?

We understand how common it is to lose your keys, have yourself locked out of your house, or even have a fault with a new or old lock in your home, hence making it impossible for you to enter your home. Especially, when you have a busy household, and one of these situations can be inevitable. There are a few instances with your keys that you may be familiar with or one may have happened to you in the past, but there are ways on how to handle the situation if one of these instances were to ever arise. In most situations, a call to a locksmith will be the solution. Although, it is important to be aware of how easy one of these situations can happen and how to take measures to prevent it from happening again.

Here are the following situations:

Losing your keys in Halesowen

Remember the easiest way for a burglar to enter your home is using the proper key for that lock. Having your keys lost or stolen cannot be prevented completely, but if you try these simple steps then you can try to avoid it from happening.

First and foremost, you are out and you have realised that you have lost your keys. This is not a rare occurrence this happens to everyone and anyone around the world. So since just make sure that the lost key cannot be linked to the lock that you use. There should be no key ring containing your personal information especially not your home address or car registration number. You may think this is helpful as the person who finds your keys can return them to you easily. However, not if someone decides to take the chance and use the lost keys to enter your home. To alleviate the stress and worry, always have a duplicate set of keys stashed away in a secure place, or even better have a neighbour or family member keep a spare set with them in case of this occurring. Similarly, always keep hold of the master and ensure only the occupants of the house have the keys.

If you, the owner, believes a possible or potential burglar has gained access to your keys then the compromised locks can be replaced or another option is the original locks can be recombined. Then you can feel safe again in your home.

Locked outside of your Halesowen home?

The first question you may ask yourself is how did I manage to lock myself out of the house? Well, this is more common than you may think. It can happen so easily, in particular when you’re in a hurry or an exciting day or event is happening in your life and you just forget the simple things that you do every day when leaving your house. Now, you might think you can try opening the back-door to see if you left that open and try to get in that way. But if you have an alarm in your home that will only set it off. What if you tried ringing your friend or family member who has a spare set of keys for your house? But then they might not pick up their phones or they’re all at work or unavailable.

By now you have tried a few ways of getting into your home but there is nothing else to do. Especially if you are locked out but you accidentally leave the keys in the lock then what you should definitely do next is call a locksmith. There is no other way of gaining access to your home. Once you call, it will not be long until you are back inside your house. The process only takes a few seconds after we arrive at your home, then you can retrieve your keys and make it to work or that special event. To avoid this happening again in the future try and keep your keys in the same place so you remember to take them with you before leaving your house and put them in a safe place when you are out.

Faulty lock

This may not seem like the most common occurrence but it can happen very easily, maybe it’s a new lock that has become faulty or it is an old lock that has worn out over time and now the lock is faulty. In technical terms, the internal mechanism of the lock has become faulty or it may not be working simply because the lock is dirty or dry. In this case, the lock may just need some lubrication to loosen up the lock. Or your door could have been fitted incorrectly which can cause a problem like a latch not functioning properly. If you are unsure of the condition of your current locks in your home and may believe they need to be checked and possibly replaced, then it is a good idea to get in touch with a locksmith as soon as possible to correct the problem. The locks themselves or even the door knobs can then be corrected before it becomes serious.

After this occurrence, you may consider having the locksmith install a latch lock on your front door. It is a lock that locks behinds you when you leave the house or close the door. It is quite handy and then you just open it with your key from the outside. From the inside you just click down the latch to open the door, others have a handle that you can open the door with. It is easy to use but there is another latch that will give your home extra security. It is called the deadlock bolt. This is a very sophisticated lock that cannot be moved or unlocked unless you are rotating the key.

So, take the time to consider what lock and latch that you would like installed in your home. We can help you choose one that suits your front door but also one that is solid and secure that makes you feel safe in your home.