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Doctor Locks is known as a trusted locksmith Halesowen and security solutions provider across Halesowen. We have been offering a wide range of services for Halesowen homes and offices for two decades. Whether you are locked out of your Halesowen property, looking to repair or replace doors and windows locks, or want to equip your Halesowen property with security solutions like alarm and CCTV, Doctor Locks’ mobile teams reach you in the nick of time and provide high-quality services at fixed prices. Our Halesowen locksmith services and security solutions include key cutting, handles/knob replacement, cylinders replacement, windows/door/patio locks replacement, lock/safe opening, home alarm/CCTV installation and UPVC locks. Moreover, we also offer emergency glazing and boarding up services.

Wireless Alarm Systems

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we all must leave our Halesowen home secured while we are busy at work or visiting some other place, so our home could remain safe and secure from intruders. Especially, if there are kids at home, it is highly recommended to get a home alarm system installed and enhance the security of your home.

Advancements in technology have enabled us to monitor our loved ones and make sure that they are protected. Doctor Locks’ wireless security alarm system or Halesowen house alarm keeps you informed of any problems relating to your home or inside your Halesowen home, allowing you to get the right help quickly.

Why Wireless Alarm Systems and Services?

Gone are the days when a technician had to open up your walls to connect all the wires, sensors, keypads, cameras, and other peripherals. Today, technology has saved us from all those long installation and repair processes by introducing wireless systems, which are not only user friendly but also much more efficient than the old systems.

Doctor Locks’ wireless alarm systems are popular because of the following characteristics:

Easy Control and Monitoring for your Halesowen Home:

Turning the security alarm system on/off is achieved with either a Doctor Locks’ Wireless Key Fob controller or with your mobile phone, which makes it easier to arm and disarms the alarm system. Whether you are busy doing gardening in your Halesowen backyard or asleep at the top floor of your Halesowen house, you can instantly activate the system whenever an emergency or security situation arises. You can also get relief from the stress of trying to recall and enter the security code in case the alarm accidentally goes off.

Locksmiths Real-time Notifications Service:

Doctor Locks’ Wireless Alarm Systems provides such protection for your Halesowen home and family that is not only in your control but accessible even if you are away from your loved ones. Our systems generate notification alerts detecting any unusual activity, allowing you to fully control your Halesowen home safety and take the protection to the next level. Receive instant notifications when your loved ones arrive home or if some emergency occurs inside your home such as fire, gas leak, flood, accident, break-in, etc.

Personal “Call to Assist” Transmitters: Locksmiths Services

Doctor Locks use a waterproof wrist and pendant transmitter to allow you to make the help call. By adding a “Call to Assist” transmitter to your home alarm system, help can easily be summoned from up to four people by the elderly, infirm, or any person who needs assistance in case of an emergency.

Flexibility to Upgrade:

Doctor Locks’ Wireless Alarm Systems are scalable as per your needs. Whether you would like to add more cameras, put up a few more door/window sensors, or would like to place motion detectors on some other areas of your property, you can easily add more devices to the existing system. Moreover, if any of the system components need to be upgraded or replaced, the old equipment can be swapped with a new one without any difficulty or damage.

Easy Installation and Removal

Fixing, relocating and removing Doctor Locks’ Wireless Alarm Systems is super easy and less time-consuming. Also, there is no need to open up the walls to remove these alarm systems, which makes them ideal for renters because they cause no damage or alteration in the property.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Whether you have elderly, kids, infirm or pets at your home, Doctor Locks’ Wireless Alarm Systems let you have control of your home security and ensure the protection of your loved ones while you are away. You can even “listen in” to your home and “speak” to anyone inside via the system microphone and speakers. Here are some of the benefits of installing our wireless security solution at your property:

Protection against crime in your Halesowen home

Get your home and loved ones protected against burglars and intruders. Equipping your home with a decent alarm system offers an increased sense of security and protection, and plays an integral role in deterring criminals.

Protection of valuables

By deterring burglars and thieves, our wireless alarm systems offer complete protection of expensive items present in your home such as jewellery, electronics, paintings, or other things of value.

Offer remote access

Our alarm systems are easy to operate because of wireless connectivity. You can easily arm and disarm the system or lock and unlock the doors from any part of your house or from outside without the hassle of moving all the way to operate the main system.

Instant Safety Alerts

Doctor Locks’ Wireless Alarm Systems help you stay one step ahead before an emergency arises. Our wide range of detectors and sensors include carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, temperature extreme sensors, flood sensors and external detectors allow you to get help at the right time.

Sense of peace and protection from your home

When you know that your loved ones are well protected, you can focus on your routine tasks in a better way without getting worried about your home. It helps to bring mental peace and enhance your productivity.

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If you are considering to add a security system to your home or business, contact Doctor Locks today. We are a reliable name in locksmith Halesowen services across Halesowen and adjacent areas. Our qualified team has the expertise and technology to help you secure your premises at an affordable price. Our mobile teams of Locksmith Halesowen experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a year with prompt response, high-quality services and fixed price costs. All of our Locksmith Halesowen services are insured and carried out by the ACPO policies and guidelines. To get help with all of your Halesowen home and business security needs, contact us today at 0800 611 8886 and speak to one of our engineers or reach us over email info@doctor-locks.co.uk and one of our advisors will be in touch with you soon.

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