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Generally speaking, people don’t know the expertise of the locksmith unless they face the situation when they are in need of a locksmith.  There are certain situations where you can lock yourself out of the home, office or your car. Here you can hire the services of a locksmith. Who offers the best services is the big question that came into the mind of people. For sure Locksmith Oldbury is a top name when it comes to the opening locks. They are providing quality services to the clients and customers and you will be pretty satisfied with their services of them.

It has been noticed that people stuck outside the home, they are in rush to reach the desired destination and they forget to collect the keys and when they came back home when they feel they are in big trouble. Moreover, some people lose their key somewhere and don’t find it. It is a sign of worry for them because they feel their home isn’t secure anymore. Call the Oldbury Locksmith anytime. They will be there for your help. Just make a call to the call centre and they will send a team of expert to your location.

Generally, people feel that the locksmith will break the lock or damage the door in order to open the door or lock. It is not true at all. Locksmith Oldbury is having an expert that can unlock the complex the complex locking system. Our locksmith will open the door of your home without even damaging the door. They will do a re-function with the key and your lock will be open with the new key but with the same old lock. Don’t need to worry about the old key because the lock will not open with the old key anymore.

Locksmith services in Oldbury – Oldbury Locksmith

Moreover, if you have bought a new house in this area, our team of experts is offering a free trial of locks in your home. They will assess the situation of the locks at your home. They will inform you about the condition in which your home locks are in. they will suggest you either to do repairing of these locks or installation of a new lock. Keep in mind we will not charge you a single penny for this.  We are a trusted name and we have worked with top companies in the country. They are satisfied with our work and asked for new work to be done by Locksmith Oldbury. There are some other services that we are offering to our clients. It includes:

  • Key replacement
  • Installation of new locks
  • Key chip making
  • Auto unlock
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Service of locks
  • Service of key

There are much more services that we are offering to our clients and customer. Moreover, we are selling top locks that are made according to the British standards and help you in securing your home as well as the office.  We don’t charge value-added tax from our clients so it means you will be charged less amount than competitors.

Locksmith in Oldbury - Oldbury Locksmith in Oldbury

Oldbury Locksmith in Oldbury

Oldbury Locksmith in Oldbury

We have a range of experience in all types of locks, domestic and commercial. If you need to update the security of your home or want to prevent any break-ins from happening then we can install brand new locks in your home. Then you will meet the safety and insurance standards that are currently in place. We have plenty of trained and skilled locksmiths in Oldbury who are very conscious about security just as much as you are. You can contact us anytime and we will assist you in securing your home.

Why choose our locksmith in Oldbury?

We deal with many enquiries and emergencies on a daily basis. We are trained to respond quickly, especially after an incident like a break-in of your home or of a loved one or neighbour. We are aware of and know the feeling of how the crime committed in your home can make you feel awful and violated, that the place you feel the most comfortable in, is no longer. However, we can change that feeling you have. We can and we will protect your home from any future break-ins or burglary. We do this by inspecting your home and ensuring the best locks are installed in your home, with the most secure lock on the front door of your home. The securer the lock the safer your home is. Our locks will help prevent any attempted break-ins. So, we repair any damage done to your original locks and replace them with new locks to make sure you feel safe and comfortable again in your own home.

What can you do to protect your home?

Have the right lock

One of our services includes the installation of new locks. It is highly important to choose the right lock for your home and there are a few you should consider. First, are mortice locks, these are one of the most common types of locks and it is harder to break. Then there are cylinder locks, which are quite common also. They are very easy to install and have both internal and external use. Also, there are night latches also known as ‘secondary locks’, and they come in two forms – standard and deadlocking. Deadlocking latches are more secure. You can also get key operated security bolts which can be fitted into the door.

Upgrade your locks and repair any damaged or old locks

If you have just moved into a new house, this is a good time to have your locks changed or to upgrade your locks.

We have experience with repairing all kinds of locks from front door locks to patio doors, window locks, latch locks, security locks and much more. We can come to your home and inspect the locks in your home and advise you on what needs to be fixed or if you need any replacement locks. We have the best equipment for lock repairs and we ensure your lock will be secure when we’re finished with the job.

We can also help to repair your doors if they are causing problems for you. The locks on your doors may not work overtime as the doors can become unaligned and you struggle to get in and out of your house. We can replace the door or just slightly adjust the door so it works again.

Keep any announcements to a minimum

There is no point announcing to the whole neighbourhood that you’re going on a holiday or a trip and your house will be vacant for a length of time. That will just give the burglars an advantage that you don’t want. Instead, speak to your next-door neighbours and see if they can watch your home while you’re away, take in or leave out rubbish bins, and possibly collect your post so it doesn’t look obvious that you are away if it overflows. Going on holidays can be a perfect time for burglars to try and break in.


Safes are a great way to keep important documents, files, and valuables protected. Our locksmiths can help you choose a safe, repair an old safe, or get you new keys for its lock. We can install a safe in your home or business. This is a great way of protecting your home if there was a break-in committed.

Give us a call

If you would like more information on ways to protect your home further from any break-ins then call us today. We can discuss many solutions with you so you and your family can feel safe and secure.

Extra precautions

Once you are happy with your new locks installed, you should bear in mind that there are some extra precautions you should take to protect your home from any attempted break-ins or burglaries. We want to make all of our customers aware of some tips that you can try to do in order to prevent these crimes. Here are a few things you can do:


  • Do not keep any spare keys lying around your home. Cleaners, workmen, or gardeners can be frequent people that come in and out of your home so make sure you know them well if not do not leave your house unattended
  • Keep all doors and windows locked at all times. Double-check before leaving your home.
  • If you think your keys have been lost or stolen consider having the locks in your home replaced by a locksmith to avoid any chance of a break-in.
  • Check in on any elderly family members or neighbours who may not have the best security in their homes. Have them consider installing a new lock on the front door as a safety measure if they live alone.


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