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Known as a dedicated, qualified, and fully insured locksmith Stourbridge and security solutions provider, Doctor Locks has been offering a wide range of locksmith services for homes and offices in and around Stourbridge for two decades. Whether you need professional locksmiths to repair or change your locks, perform rekeying, or equip your house with the latest security solutions for the protection of your loved ones and valuables, Doctor Locks’ mobile teams are highly regarded for their prompt response, top-quality professional services, and affordable prices. We also offer emergency glazing, boarding up services, and a free home survey. If you believe that your Stourbridge home security measures are not sufficient and you need professional advice on how you can improve your safety and security measures, make the most out of our free home surveys!

Stourbridge Locksmith Services – CCTV Cameras & Monitoring Systems in Stourbridge

Installing a home CCTV monitoring system is a primary measure if you want optimum Stourbridge home security. They are one the most cost-effective security systems that offer real-time monitoring of perimeters, are easy to set up, require little to no maintenance, and help you to keep your loved ones protected. Once properly installed, you can rely on them to protect and monitor your Stourbridge property and loved ones for years to come while requiring occasional clean-up and maintenance.

Locksmiths Wireless CCTV Surveillance Systems

Doctor Locks Stourbridge Locksmith offers a range of network video recorders combined with a full range of HD CCTV cameras, allowing you to monitor the premises and watch over your loved ones while you’re away, securely and easily from your iPhone, iPad, or any Android devices using a free application or from a PC using free software. Our systems start from a single camera installation to multi-site installations of up to 32 cameras. We offer a wide range of cameras from fixed lenses of 1.3 MP mini domes up to 5 MP auto-focus cameras. We also supply and install pan tilt and zoom cameras. Here are some of the features of Doctor Locks’ Wireless CCTV monitoring systems:

  • Remote monitoring from iPhone, iPad, Android device, or PC using free application or software.
  • Wall-mounted wireless cameras with adjustable view angles and zooming options.
  • Push notification to your device on noise and motion detection.
  • The smart application allows the view of up to 16 Doctor Locks cameras from a single app.
  • You can pair your smart device with View-Cam quickly and easily using a QR code.
  • Most of our cameras are equipped with infrared LED arrays, allowing you to view and capture high-quality images, even in dark.

Stourbridge Locksmith Services – CCTV Cameras & Monitoring Systems At Your Home?

Installing the wireless close circuit surveillance cameras and monitoring systems in your Stourbridge house is a smart initiative for many reasons, including increased security, protection against crime, and lower insurance premiums. Here we have listed the top 5 reasons and benefits of installing CCTV cameras and monitoring systems at your property:

CCTV deters thieves, robbers, and other criminals

Wireless cameras and security systems act as huge deterrents to theft, robbery, and other pre-planned crimes. Having a CCTV monitoring system at your Stourbridge home increases the protection of your Stourbridge home while allowing constant monitoring to detect any unusual activity or possible crime. This means that criminals are much less likely to target your Stourbridge house and that your loved ones and valuable possessions would remain safe. To make the most of your CCTV monitoring system, install it at the places where it could be clearly visible so any unauthorised person or criminal could remain well aware of its presence.

It records evidence against criminal activity

Although CCTV deters criminal activities, however, even if a crime does occur at your property, the recordings and images from a CCTV can be utilized to analyze the incident, identify the criminals, and used as evidence in a court of law to bring the culprits to justice. It can also help to recover and reclaim your valuables which had been stolen. Moreover, if any crime happens in the vicinity of your CCTV surveillance systems, then your CCTV footage could help the police to identify the criminals and bring them to justice for the safety of everyone, including you and your loved ones. Call your Locksmith Stourbridge today!

It allows you to monitor the perimeter of your property safely & remotely

When you have a CCTV monitoring system installed on your Stourbridge property, not only will it protects you from intruders, it also provides you peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your Stourbridge home and your family including kids and pets, at any place and at any time. It also helps you to identify the visitor without answering your door if someone visits you in the dead of the night. This is particularly helpful for vulnerable individuals such as the elderly or infirm.

Another great benefit of CCTV is that it helps you to detect threats like fire, floods, or any other leakages or damages throughout your Stourbridge property. This means that you could instantly limit the damage by taking prompt action and getting the right help.

It helps to lower home insurance premiums

Financial gain might not be your first priority while installing a CCTV monitoring system at your Stourbridge home, but it is a fact that the presence of certified security measures at your Stourbridge property plays an enormous role in keeping your home insurance premiums low, depending upon your insurance policy. Making an initial investment into your Stourbridge home security makes your property more secure, reducing the likelihood of vandalism, damages, and claims. Home insurance companies love such properties that possess reduced risks of claims. This allows them to reduce your policy costs and offer you better deals since they also feel protected and as a result, you could save money in the long run!

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All of our services are insured and carried out by the ACPO policies and guidelines. Contact us today at 0800 611 8886 to speak to one of our engineers or reach us over email info@doctor-locks.co.uk and one of our advisors will be in touch with you soon.

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