Lock Snapping On The Rise

Lock snapping is on the rise within the UK and becoming so easy to do, while costing those with snapped locks a lot of money to fix. This new technique is highly popular in burglaries as they will snap the lock cylinder in two, by removing the outside part to expose the lock mechanism and applying force. Doing this gives thieves the perfect access to the mechanism,
therefore allowing the door in question to be easily opened. This technique does not require any experience or skills, as thieves will tend to use hammers and screwdrivers, taking them just second to enter.

The locks that are most at risk on this type of attack will be those that are fitted with a euro profile cylinder, which can be found in majority of PVCu and composite doors. This locks would have been installed in the last 15 years and operate in combination with a multipoint lock. To avoid any attack or treats like this we recommend you upgrade your cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent the lock snapping method. Cylinders that meet the current standards has been developed with a number of security features, which are listed below:

  • Snap-Off: The front of the cylinder will come away, therefore giving the intruder less of the cylinder to attack
  • Hardened Grip-Deflectectors: This will prevent those try to grip the rest of the cylinder, therefore making it harder to get a good firm grip
  • Reinforced Bar: This is designed to not snap but to flex slightly, defeating the majority of intruders
  • Interlocking Cam: An interlocking cam with strengthening bar help to provide an additional protection to the cylinder itself
  • Anti-Drill Protection
  • Anti-Bump Protection
  • Anti-Screw Protection
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