Lock Snapping

What is lock snapping ? Lock snapping in Birmingham is on the increase. While you may think that your lock is secure then think again. A cylinder in your lock is the weakest point of your lock that’s why snapping it can be very easily done.

Various police forces including the Birmingham area are warning residents to be out on the look out for these attacks. If you do require help in preventing lock snapping in the Birmingham area then please don’t hesitate to contact us for your free security checks we have on offer here at doctor locks.

How to Prevent Lock Snapping

The locks most at risk of this type of attack are fitted with a euro profile cylinder. Euro profile locks are found in the majority of PVCu and composite doors installed in the last 15 years and operate in combination with a multipoint lock.

To combat this threat simply upgrade your cylinder lock to one that is specifically designed to prevent these method of attacks in Birmingham.

We offer a free call out charge through out the Birmingham area if you think you may have been affected by this wave of lock snapping attacks in Birmingham, Then either ring us or email us. and we will strive to help you as best and as efficiently as we can.