Access Control Birmingham

Put simply, access control systems offer our clients selective control over certain doors, rooms and areas within a premise. Whilst this may sound complex, Doctor Locks offers a comprehensive range of access control systems for both commercial and industrial customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Doctor Locks has a proven track record in designing and installing flexible, customer tailored access control in Birmingham, to a wide variety of customers.

Stand Alone

Using Stand Alone systems is often ideal for small businesses, sports clubs and out of the way storage units, and is simple and effective in practice. Access is gained by using a numeric code or PIN with a keypad, or alternatively by presenting a proximity token or card. Our customers can choose between these options by selecting which type of reader they would like fitted. In this way Stand Alone is used to either gain or control access to one or many independent doors in a building.

PC based Access

Instead of using key cards and readers, access is granted through commands sent from a PC to each of the doors in the network. For added security, a token can be instantly barred from all the doors instantly should you wish.

Door Entry Systems

Links two rooms together by using an intercom between the caller and the home owner or business receptionist, enabling two-way communication to establish caller identity and reason for calling. Often the most sensible or common sense approach to access control.

Video Access Control

Similar to Door Entry Systems, and includes all of its facilities. However, Video Access Control systems make full use of video images to aid in identifying people, I.D. badges and so on.
Video Access Control systems have the added advantage of being able to see in zero light conditions, as we make use of the latest Infrared Illuminators in our systems.

Access Control Birmingham