Code Locks Birmingham

Doctor Locks can offer a range of top quality code locks throughout Birmingham, a mechanical set of locks and components that cover a wide range of purposes. Whether you’re looking for an entry level, light duty lock that can serve a secondary function, or a heavy duty lock that is suitable to guard high risk, high profile or high traffic areas, we have code locks to match.

So if you’re looking to better secure your offices, storerooms, commercial properties or public buildings, Doctor Locks can supply convenient, standalone solutions that are easy to install and do not require distributing keys or cards.

Effective and easy to fit components

Our selection of code locks have a number of useful, practical features that make them perfect for everyday use. They are all designed with a PVD low maintenance weather resistant finish as standard, meaning that they can survive in an outdoor environment. Doctor Locks code locks are also available in both stainless steel and polished brass finish.

Other available options for our code locks in Birmingham include a code free option available on some models. All Doctor Locks code locks are available in either a knob or level handle with easy code change.

Digital Options

For a more high tech approach to door entry and security, Digi Locks have some major advantages over code locks, such as one time user codes, automatic building alarm release, and incorrect code alarms. Electronic functionality covers multiple codes and one time user codes, plus a range of other control options which can be easily programmed into the keypad.

Doctor Locks Digi Locks allows up to 80 user codes either four, five or six digits long. Our digi locks feature an on door programming via Master (programming) codes that allows up to ten one time user codes to be entered. In addition, our components carry an LED indicator option and a PVD weather resistant finish. Digi Locks also have a temper alarm and a low battery warning.

Code Locks Birmingham