Home Security Birmingham

Keeping your home safe and secure does not need to be an expensive and time consuming task. Doctor Locks has a number of effective, easy to use systems that are quick and cheap to install and maintain. There are no running costs, and our home security systems begin at only £299 start, which means that we have a system for any budget.

We use a common sense approach that keeps you informed at all times about any problems that might be happening in your house. A proactive stance means that you can then contact the right help quickly. An even better product is the Doctor Locks Wireless Security Alarm System, which allows to listen into your home when you’re absent, and to speak to anyone inside using the systems microphone and speakers.

Control of Doctor Locks home security systems, including the setting/unsetting function, is achieved wirelessly via the convenient key fob controllers that we provide, or alternatively through notifications and apps on your mobile phone. You can also use either device to turn the system on and off remotely.

Home Security Alarms

Doctor Locks can send notifications to your phone, plus up to three contacts that you name, at any time that an incident occurs, such as a fire, flood, gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. We can also warn you about an accident or emergency, and inform you that guests and visitors have arrived.

We can also supply waterproof wrist and pendant transmitter to get a call for help at any time, whether you’re at home or out and about. In addition, we can add a “Call to Assist” transmitter to your home alarm, suitable for the elderly or infirm, who may need assistance on short notice. Our call to assist transmitters can easily and instantly inform or summon up to four people.

Doctor Locks can also supply a range of environmental alarms, such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature extreme sensors, external detectors, as well as flood and frozen pipe sensors. Within our extensive catalogue of home security products, you can get full and comprehensive security coverage from a wide range of potential danger.

Home Security Birmingham