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Keeping your home safe and secure does not need to be an expensive and time-consuming task. Doctor Locks has a number of effective, easy to use systems that are quick and cheap to install and maintain. There are no running costs, and our home security systems begin at only £299 start, which means that we have a system for any budget.

We use a common-sense approach that keeps you informed at all times about any problems that might be happening in your house. A proactive stance means that you can then contact the right help quickly. An even better product is the Doctor Locks Wireless Security Alarm System, which allows you to listen in to your home when you’re absent and to speak to anyone inside using the system’s microphone and speakers.

Control of Doctor Locks home security systems, including the setting/unsetting function, is achieved wirelessly via the convenient key fob controllers that we provide, or alternatively through notifications and apps on your mobile phone. You can also use either device to turn the system on and off remotely.

Home Security Alarms

Doctor Locks can send notifications to your phone, plus up to three contacts that you name, at any time that an incident occurs, such as a fire, flood, gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. We can also warn you about an accident or emergency, and inform you that guests and visitors have arrived.

We can also supply a waterproof wrist and pendant transmitter to get a call for help at any time, whether you’re at home or out and about. In addition, we can add a “Call to Assist” transmitter to your home alarm, suitable for the elderly or infirm, who may need assistance on short notice. Our call to assist transmitters can easily and instantly inform or summon up to four people.

Doctor Locks can also supply a range of environmental alarms, such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, extreme temperature sensors, external detectors, and flood and frozen pipe sensors. Within our extensive catalogue of home security products, you can get full and comprehensive security coverage from a wide range of potential dangers.

Home Security Birmingham

Protect Your Home from Intruders

Homeowners should always be on guard and take precautions to protect their homes, especially at night. A burglar will find any opportunity they can to enter your home, whether it is through an unlocked window or by force so that you are not safe at all times: we provide proven home security Birmingham for homeowners’ peace of mind with our friendly team available 24/7 if needed!

What Is A Home Security System?

The best way to define home security would be through an acronym. When thinking about these systems, it’s important that you know the different components and how they work in tandem with each other so a burglar won’t get past your defenses easily. A device stands for ‘alarm agent,’ which sends out signals when activated by certain events such as motion or sound waves from breaking glass at night time; this information arrives on our screens via television wirelessly.

A typical home security system will include:

  • A control panel acts as the primary controller for a home’s security system.
  • Sensors for door and window
  • Motion sensors for both exterior and interior
  • Wired and wireless security cameras
  • High-decibel alarm sirens or alarms
  • A yard sign and window stickers

Functions Of Our Home Security Birmingham System

The primary idea behind home security systems is to secure entry points into your home using sensors that correspond with a command centre or control panel in a convenient place.

These sensors can be placed indoors, leading to or from a house, as well as easily accessible windows. They are especially useful for opening ground-level windows, and motion sensors can also be used to secure open spaces within homes.

These systems typically have a touchpad that allows for programming and interaction, and passcodes can be entered to arm or disarm the system. They can also work with voice commands and can be programmed to work wirelessly with key fobs.

Window and Door Sensors: The door and window sensors consist of two components installed next to each other. The device’s first part is located on the window or door, while the second is on the frame or sill of the window or door. The two sensors are connected when a door or window closes, and it creates a security circuit.

These sensors report to the control panel that the entry point is secure when the security system has been armed at the panel. If a monitored window or door is suddenly jolted open, the security circuit will break. The control panel will interpret this as a breach in a secure zone. In most cases, an alarm of high decibels is raised, and the monitoring company is immediately notified.

Motion Sensors: These security devices, when armed, guard the area by forming an invisible area that cannot break easily without sounding an alarm. They are used to protect valuables and areas which are less frequently visited in larger homes.

Surveillance Cameras: The cameras are available in both wired or wireless configurations and can be used in many different ways to enhance your overall security system.

  • Monitoring is one of the most common uses.
  • It may not be easy to see distant areas or parts of your property.
  • Remote structures such as garages, barns, and workshops
  • Both exterior and interior entry points like garage doors or front doors are important.

You can access surveillance cameras remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These cameras are used to keep an eye on deliveries, monitor children’s arrivals after school, and watch for service personnel such as landscapers and caregivers. You can use them to record security breaches, and this could include footage of the home invasion and possibly even footage of the car they drove.

High-decibel Alert: Home security alarms have several different functions and are loud enough to be heard by neighbours. They alert people within the house about a problem, and they are loud enough to alert the neighbours and send a burglar fleeing.

Window Stickers and Yard Signs: While these items may seem to be merely marketing tools for alarm companies on the surface, they are vital for in-home security. If you put our security company’s sign on your front window and place it in your yard, you tell burglars that your home is professionally secured, and you will not be tempted to burglarize.

If an Intrusion Happens What Will Occur?

Security systems are intended to perform certain tasks when a secured area is breached. Your security system’s response to an intrusion depends on what type of system it is.

Professionally Monitored Security Systems: Our professional home security company can alert you when there is a security breach in your house. We will also be alerted if the alarm goes off at a high decibel. A trained security expert may attempt to communicate with homeowners via the control panels if 2-Way Voice communications are enabled. Or, they will dial the emergency contact number provided on the account.

These types of security systems communicate with us in one of many ways, including:

  • Existing Home Phone Lines continue to function during power outages when the battery back is in use.
  • Cellular radio frequencies similar to cell phones also keep on working during power outages if battery backup is in place.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol is (VoIP), and it usually won’t work in a Power Outage.
  • Via Internet, which is not usually available in an outage.

In the case of an actual emergency, Doctor Locks will notify appropriate emergency response personnel in your region. The list includes firefighters, paramedics, and police, and the monitoring company will keep you in communication until emergency response teams arrive at the home.

Monitoring systems usually send the homeowners a text message or email notification of security breaches.

These systems may permit text messages and email notifications to the homeowner in case of security breaches. It depends on the provider and system chosen.

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