Post Box Locks Birmingham

Have you ever had your post stolen? Do you live in an apartment or shared accommodation ? At doctor locks we have to keep up with what crime is on the rise for all our customers. One crime that is on the rise is identity theft, there are more and more post boxes getting broke into than there was 10 years ago. So here at doctor locks we are here to help you to make sure your post box in Birmingham is at the right level of security, we will replace any broken post box locks. If you have lost your keys to your post box we will replace them there and then for you.

One thing about post boxes they can get vandalised very easy when you are living in shared accommodation. So you don’t want a lock that is not secure enough for you. Your mail is one the most private things in your life, so even if you think you post box locks are safe then give us call and we will do a call out which is totally free and do a security check on your post box. Don’t forget your identity is yours you don’t want this taken away from you.