Retail Locksmith Birmingham

Knowing that their business or enterprise is safe and secure is a paramount interest for business owners and proprietors, especially in a high traffic retail environment such as shops, stores and warehouses. As well as our bespoke range of locks, handles, padlocks, night latches and other hardware, our retail locksmiths can supply a range of tailored security products suited to a shop or store setting.

Doctor Locks products includes composite doors and expanding security grilles, manufactured within the UK and ideal for a shop environment. Our retail locksmiths in Birmingham can also supply our own patented locking systems, which reduce the risk of key replication. Our retail locksmiths can also install a number of alarms and CCTV systems, keeping you informed of any developments on your site and allowing you to take proactive steps to protect your property.
If you’re business are interested in better managing or monitoring access within your property, Doctor Locks can recommend a range of functional door entry systems to suit your requirements. Code and digital locks can between them cover most entry level security needs, and range of light duty to heavy duty locks, capable of providing primary protection to high traffic areas.

Many commercial and retail establishments, especially in Birmingham use intercoms as standard, as they represent a sensible and common sense approach to access control, effectively linking two rooms by enabling two way communication. By installing cameras, you can improve your system to include Video Access Control, which includes video pictures to help with identifying distinguishing features such as I.D. badges. Our cameras have features such as infrared illuminators that enable the system to see in the dark.

Stand Alone Access involves a system whereby access is gained by using a numeric code or PIN with a keypad, or alternatively by presenting a proximity token or card. What method you use to navigate the system depends on what type of reader is fitted. Stand Alone Access can used to control or gain access to one or many independently operating doors within a building, making them ideal for a retail, shop or store based environment.

Alternatively, Doctor Locks can set up a PC based system whereby commands sent from a computer are sent to each of the doors. The advantage this system has is that a token can be barred from all the doors instantly if a situation arises.

Retail Locksmith Birmingham