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Although there are many providers of uPVC door locks and related accessories, finding a top-quality specialist in the field can be more difficult. Doctor Locks is a local company that provides uPVC door locks throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands and has done so to a consistently high standard for ten years.

We understand that getting quality uPVC door locks in Birmingham can be an inconvenient and costly process, and we endeavour to carry out all our work in a responsible, efficient and timely manner. All Doctor Locks work is guaranteed, and we can give reasonable and competitive prices for our work.

When it comes to choosing the entrance to your home, you are often forced to choose between the style and statement that you’re trying to create and an effective and safe option that can secure your home. However, an effective bridge between these two options is uPVC doors, an affordable solution which combines top quality style, a classic appearance and low maintenance costs to create the front door that you’re looking for.

Doctor Locks are a specialist in replacement UPVC locks, handles, hinges and window locks. We make sure that we stock parts from all the major uPVC hardware manufacturers such as Mila, Coldseal, GU, Avocet, WMS, Ferco, Fuhr, Kenrick, Lockmaster, Maca and Yale. Our mobile locksmiths carry these replacement parts with them at all times and are able to repair your uPVC door lock as soon as they reach you. Get one of our trained and skilled engineers to replace or install a uPVC door lock in Birmingham in a fast and reliable manner.

uPVC Door Locks Birmingham

Both homeowners and businesses need to ensure their property is secure. However, it can be difficult to find the right UPVC door locks.

You Know What?

Doctor Locks specialize in uPVC doors. If your uPVC door locks are not working properly, you should contact our locksmith immediately.

Many manufacturers make UPVC doorlocks. There are many styles and variations of UPVC door locks, but all work the same way.

Multipoint locking mechanisms are available for uPVC doors and wood composite doors. This lock can also solve other problems if the door is closed or not locked properly.

What Level of Security Do You Feel at Work or Home?

We can offer expert advice and a free quote to upgrade your existing locking system to increase your security and safety, whether you are on-site or off-site.

We can also provide safes for your office or home to protect your valuables. This will enable you to rest assured knowing your most important possessions are protected.

We Offer Customised Replacement uPVC Door Locks

Regular UPVC windows can offer security to your home. You should call our professionals if you have any problems with a door lock, window lock, or other fixture. Damaging UPVC can cause costly repairs, damaging your windows and doors.

It is possible to rest assured that your locking system can be repaired by a professional experienced in UPVC double glazed door lock repairs and UPVC lock repair.

Our services offer a permanent solution for the replacement of uPVC door locks. Our professionals have all the necessary tools to replace uPVC door locks. Our locksmiths are skilled and offer UPVC repair and window services to domestic and commercial customers.

The Best Locks to Use with UPVC

UPVC doors locks offer a better security rating than other double glazed door locks. Even the best doors are not perfect. Our experts will repair or replace any damaged lock.

Sometimes, people don’t know how to use their uPVC doors correctly. Sometimes people close the door when they shouldn’t, which could cause insurance claims to be declined.

We provide honest advice. Sometimes, we recommend that your locks be upgraded to conform to insurance industry standards.

Emergency UPVC door lockout

We can help you if your property has been locked and you need a uPVC door lock. We are experts in UPVC door locks and offer 24-hour locksmith services.

We offer extra security, including uPVC doors or security locks. You have the option to replace your cylinder lock with an anti-snap/anti-bump or anti-drill version. A wide range of uPVC door handles is available that can be easily replaced to give you more secure and anti-snap uPVC handle options. Sliding patio doors with additional security requirements can be secured by using uPVC locks. These locks can be used to prevent the runners from being removed.

Why Choose Doctor locks?

We pride ourselves on our UPVC multipoint doors and window locks expertise. This includes fault-finding, adjustment, realignments, and repairs. You can choose from uPVC, wood, composite, garage doors and conservatories, and sliding patio doors. We fit, modify and repair many locks.

Why uPVC Doors Are a Good Choice

A uPVC door lock can be a great addition to your home or business.


uPVC is a strong material and very difficult to shatter. When paired with multipoint locking systems that can be customized, uPVC doors make it very difficult for trespassers to access your property.

Variety of Styles

uPVC doors give you the freedom to design your home in a way that suits you best. You can choose from many different styles and colours. Woodgrain effects can make your uPVC door appear more Victorian-inspired.

It doesn’t matter if the uPVC door is a uPVC one. A uPVC patio window can be integrated into your patio, allowing you to capture the natural sunlight. A uPVC window can instantly improve the value of your home by combining style and durability.

Increases Insulation

We all know the severity of winters and summers, and its ability to keep heat out and cold in (or vice versa) is a major selling point for uPVC doors.

PVC prevents condensation from forming and keeps heat in its frames during cold winters. Your home’s humidity can be reduced to reduce the likelihood of your walls developing mould, leaking, or bubbles. This could be helpful for family members with allergies.


Unlike natural materials like wood or aluminium, uPVC does not require sanding or varnishing. uPVC is easily washed with warm soapy water in most cases.

Weather Resistant

High winds and forest fires may make it difficult for flames to spread if you live close to a fire-retardant uPVC door. UPVC doors with a bushfire rating will ensure that your primary exit route is clear for at least 30 minutes if you have a serious accident.

Helps to Save Money

Despite being less expensive than metal and wood, uPVC can still be very affordable. uPVC doors can be used for many years without any maintenance.

They keep unwanted noises out

Double-glazed uPVC sliding doors help reduce noise pollution in a noisy area. uPVC materials can reduce noise levels by more than 70%, including traffic and external noises such as plane traffic.

High-Quality Ventilation

uPVC systems can open in two directions due to their tilt-and-turn design. This design draws hot air up from the top and cools it off the sides.

Can Be Recycled Easily

More than 99% of all jobs are completed within the same day. Our locksmith services include door opening and repair, replacement, and other locksmith services. Most jobs can be completed in 24 hours or less. If the job cannot be completed in 24 hours or less, we will place a lock on the door and complete the job as quickly as possible.

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