Opportunistic Crime in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Police statistics recorded some 129 thefts from unlocked cars in the month of April alone by opportunistic thieves in the Solihull borough. Among the items taken were at £2,500 designer watch, as well as objects like sat-navs, sunglasses and loose change, along with anything else of value that could be found. The police stress that these crime figures are similar throughout the West Midlands.

This really does go to show how much of an impact opportunistic crime has on crime statistics throughout the Birmingham area, forming a significant proportion of total crime and resulting in much lost and damaged property. Knowing that there is a perceived “easy target” within their reach spurs potential burglars to attempt break-ins, and this is as true of houses, flats and shops as it is for vehicles.

To shore up the security in your home or business, having a resourceful, expert locksmith can make all the difference. With all manner of tools and equipment, as well as advice and guidance on all security matters, Doctor Locks can help secure your premises, making it a much more difficult task for opportunistic thieves to break into and potentially deterring them altogether.

As well as providing reliable keys, locks and lock repairs, Doctor Locks can supply wireless alarm systems that deliver notifications to the homeowner when it detects activity, sending an alert straight to their mobile phone. All of our hardware is guaranteed, having been fitted in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), which means that our products adhere to the highest standards used in Britain today.

If you are concerned about opportunistic crime in your premises, we can also arrange for a security expert to carry out a free and comprehensive home survey on the property, which can be instrumental in highlighting potential problems and giving you peace of mind when it comes to your security needs.

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