Secure your Bromsgrove windows with Doctor Locks

Windows are an integral element of your house. They facilitate the entry of sunlight and fresh air, offer views of the locality, and keep the house ventilated. A house with ample large windows often gives a cheerful view however, the windows can become favourite entry points of unwelcome guests if they are not secured properly.

Doctor Locks has been providing professional and unbeatable locksmith and security services to the residents of Bromsgrove for 20 years. All our window locksmiths are highly trained and experienced. Simply call us and our window locksmiths will reach in a nick of time, carry out a top-quality window lock repair or replacement service and give you helpful advice on improving your home security. We offer a wide range of locksmith services including key cutting, handles/knob replacement, cylinders replacement, windows/door/patio locks replacement, lock/safe opening, home alarm/CCTV installation, and UPVC locks.

Why securing windows is important?

Just like door locks, secured windows are also a critical component of home security. Like unlock doors, unsecured windows may allow potential intruders and burglars to enter into a property. Once inside the house, an intruder may sneak around to pick valuables, locate the keys, unlock the door, and easily remove much larger items such as electronics.

Crime stats show that most break-ins and burglaries are crimes of opportunity and most of these incidents happen because someone forgot to lock their door or windows, or the windows weren’t closed at all. As most thieves are lazy and prefer to go for the easiest target, if your windows are properly closed and secured, they will quickly move on.

Types of window locks

Proper locking systems on your windows keep you and your loved ones safe. There are many different types of window locks on the market and Doctor Locks’ reliable locksmiths can be on hand with a decisive response with a range of products and services. Here are some of the window locks we deal in:

Window Latch

There are the standard locks found on double and single hung windows. They simply connect the two sashes of a window and hold them in place. Although they effectively close and secures the window, latches should not be the only locks on your windows.

Window Pin Lock

These window locks are like door chain locks. One piece of the lock attaches to the window sash while the other to the window frame. Both pieces are connected by a chain that restricts the distance a window can be opened. These locks can be easily installed using a drill.

Keyed Locks

These window locks require a key to lock and unlock. Keyed locks are perfect for single, double-hung windows and sliding windows. These locks are often used in combination with latches as they are more robust and keep the windows secure.

Sliding Window Locks

These window locks use moveable pins, lever, or thumbscrews and are placed in the track of a sliding window to restrict its opening up to the desired amount. They are easy to use and can be placed from one window to another if required.

Want to secure your windows? Call Locksmith Bromsgrove

Doctor Locks can fit a lock to suit any purpose in almost any setting including wood, metal, or uPVC windows. All of our services are insured and carried out by the ACPO policies and guidelines. Make your windows secure by getting a reliable and professional window locksmith. Contact us at 0800 611 8886 to speak to one of our engineers or reach us over email and one of our advisors will be in touch with you soon.