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Make the most out of your surveillance system with locksmith Bromsgrove

Placing the CCTV cameras in the best locations not only strengthen the effectiveness of surveillance efforts but also help achieve obscurity and visibility simultaneously. If the camera is not able to capture a clear and concise picture, then it is of no use. Before installing your camera, make sure that the unit has enough room for clarity, to rotate and capture footages.

Another important thing to take into account is that the cameras must be out of reach, should not be easily accessible but clearly visible. A clearly visible but unreachable camera is usually enough to scare off the intruders. However, if the burglars could access your CCTV cameras, not only they could just smash them and continue with their business, but could also add them to their haul. Putting cameras at least 9ft above the ground is advisable so even a tall person with 6ft height couldn’t reach it.

What are the best locations to place CCTV cameras in your home?

Although there could be many potential points in your home for CCTV installation and we welcome you to call us today to make the most out of our free home survey where our expert team could guide you on how you could improve your home security. Here we are mentioning some of the potential points where it would be ideal to place CCTV cameras:

Front Door

One of the best locations to install security cameras in your home is the main entrance of your home. You could mount your cameras on the gate or fence to get a full capture of the space around the entrance, especially the streets around your home as they provide the best hiding places for burglars. Putting a camera that could focus on the streets could also help the police if any crime occurs outside your home.

Back & Side Doors

The favourite access points of thieves and burglars are the doors that are out-of-sight. That’s why it is highly recommended to place a camera on the back door and all secondary doors, including the basement door so they could deter any potential intruder.

Off-Street Windows

Rear windows, especially first-floor windows are also an access point for the burglars. They can easily break into homes, away from the view of the street and passers. A camera pointed towards the off-street window can deter thieves from entering through it.

Doctor Locks’ Wireless CCTV Surveillance Systems

Doctor Locks Stourbridge Locksmith offers a range of network video recorders combined with a full range of HD CCTV cameras. Starting from a single camera installation to multi-site installations of up to 32 cameras, we offer a wide range of cameras from 1.3 MP mini domes up to 5 MP auto-focus cameras. Here are some of the features of our CCTV monitoring systems:

  • Remote monitoring from a smart device, or a PC using free application or software.
  • Push notification to your device on noise and motion detection.
  • View of up to 16 cameras from the single app.
  • Infrared LED arrays.

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