The Story of Lock Picking in Kidderminster

In movies and TV series, we often watch burglars opening the locks effectively using some lock picking method. At some point, you might have wondered – is it really that much easy for a potential intruder to open a lock in no time, without any specific tools?

What is lock picking?

Locksmiths characterize lock-picking as manipulating a lock’s components to open regardless of a key. To comprehend lock-picking, at that point, you initially need to realize how bolts and keys work.

There are two fundamental components engaged with the picking cycle:


Picks are long, delicate pieces of metal that bend up toward the ends like a dentist’s pick. They are used to enter inside a lock and pushup the pins.

Tension Wrench

Tension wrenches allow you to apply twisting force on the lock plug in order to prevent pins from moving back down due to the force of the spring.

Typically, they look like elongated L’s. The most common type of trench wrench is a thin screwdriver with a flat-head.

How does lock picking work?

To pick a lock, the tension wrench is embedded into the keyhole initially. It is then turned the same way that you would turn a key. The pressure from the tension wrench creates a little ledge in the pin shafts.

While implying tension towards the plug, embed the pick into the keyhole and start lifting the pins. The goal is to lift all the pairs of the pins up to that level that the top pin gets pushed into the lodging, just like it is pushed by the right key. A slight snap indicates that the top pin has positioned itself on the ledge in the shaft. The ledge allows the top pin to remain inside the housing and prevents it from falling back into the plug. Each pin pair is moved into the right position until all the upper pins are pushed into the housing while all the lower pins stay inside the plug. This is the point when you can easily rotate the plug ad open the lock.

Theoretically, lock-picking is a very simple process, yet it is an exceptionally challenging skill to practice and master. One is required to learn to apply the right pressure and listen to the precise sounds. It also requires mastering the skill to feel the slightest movements of the pins and plugs as well as visualize the inside structure of the lock. The master of lock picking is actually the master of lock’s design.

Putting lock picking to good use

In an unfortunate event of a lockout, lock picking skills can help you access your property despite having no key. It can also save your lock from unnecessary destruction. However, the expertise and skills involved in lock picking are not easy to master. This is where you can rely on professional locksmiths, like Doctor Locks. A trusted name throughout Kidderminster, we take pride in our insured services with all locks and security systems being fixed and maintained as per the current British Standards and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) policy. In case of any lockout situation, please do not hesitate to rely on our mobile team of locksmiths who are available round the clock, 365 days a year, with the prompt response and excellent service. Contact us at 01562 950015 and speak to one of our engineers or reach us over email